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Jennifer LongleyAs the daughter of an airline pilot I grew up with the privilege to travel on "Stand By" to many wonderful places. I was fortunate, on occasion, to get bumped up to first class which was very glamorous at the time. I remember waiting for the illuminated 'Fasten Your Seatbelt' sign to turn off to race my brothers up the circular stairs to the upper deck lounge of the 747 Jumbo Jet. The 'Stewardess', as they were called at the time, would serve us soft drinks and cashews in a white ceramic cup. We were offered a brand new deck of playing cards along with coloring books, crayons and silver wings to stick on our sweater. Oh, those were the days. We would often visit the pilots for a tour of the cockpit and thank them for their soft landing. I vividly remember on our trips to Hawaii the colorful patterned passenger seats and interiors of the airplanes along with the bright blue, floral uniforms that were worn by the in-flight crew.

Later, when my travel benefits were about to expire, I decided to become a Flight Attendant and hang on to those employee passes. I was employed with the airlines when you could run through the airport terminal, flash your employee badge at the gate and grab the last empty seat on the flight to your next destination (prior to high security after 9/11). I upgraded from my plush 'First Class' seat to the 'Jumpseat', a narrow folding chair designated for flight attendants. About as comfortable as an ironing board. Both my brothers followed in my Dad's footsteps and became pilots as we carried on the family tradition in aviation.

I will always cherish the memories of those wonderful times of freedom and never forget how fortunate I was to be a part of the airline industry when it was fun to travel. It feels like yesterday when I was reclining in those bright colored first class seats with the retro-patterns of the early airline cabin interiors. Hopefully, we'll see those days again.

The creation of Jumpseat Bags has become an important way for me to share those wonderful nostalgic patterns and memories with others.

My first collection is made with a vintage 'Seashells' pattern in a vibrant Blue and Red wool fabric, that had been warehoused over the years intended for use on Rich International Airways, which is no longer in service.

Each Jumpseat Bag is designed with simple, classic lines for those who will enjoy carrying a stylish piece of aviation history. Hand crafted in the USA and in a 'Limited Edition' collection we currently offer the Galley Tote and Touring Bag, perfect for your travel needs and every day use. Each Jumpseat Bag comes authenticated with both our signature 'Jenny' Jumpseat and silver airplane charms to assure you are carrying an original Jumpseat Bag.

Check in with us as we grow and continue to offer new historical aviation vintage patterns in new styles and designs. I hope you will enjoy carrying a Jumpseat Bag as much as I enjoy creating them.

Happy travels and safe landings,





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